Variable cross section along two curves


My goal is to create a variable bridge cross section following two lines (edges of the road).

I’ve done this by creating points along each line, and then creating construct planes aligning to each point from which I ‘ofset’ the other points for the cross section.
This has worked well, except that for unknown reason, some of the construct planes (first and last part) are rotated 90 to 180 degree relative to the others, making the cross section at those points either lying flat or upside down.

Does anybody know what the cause of this could be, or if there is a better way to achieve the desired result?

Let me know if you need any more information, .gh and .3dm files of the script are attached.

Thank you
//Rasmus (25.3 KB)

Beam_2line.3dm (132.7 KB)

Well … indeed it is:

  1. Forget for a moment the variable profile (easy provited that you have rules OR some predefined collection of Curves sampled in a DataTree [ each branch is the collection of a given profile]).
  2. Given a spine Crv … and profiles placed in, say, Plane.WorldXY [that’s the Plane From]… the only thing that you should do is to define proper destination Planes To (NOT using the GH available components) and then do a classic plana to plane transformation (like the one that the Orient does). Then Sweep, Loft etc etc. For the Planes To you’ll need some sort of “resolution along” the spine Crv.
  3. See pics (with steady profile for clarity) as indicative demos.

And some freaky stuff for fun:

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