Rotate Axis to be vertical and follows the Guide Line

HI gang,

Im looking to slice my bridge geometry in equal segments.
Thinking that i can do that by generating planes perpendicular to the bridge. Does anyone know how to orient the plane to be vertical and perpendicular to the guide Line ?

240222_Bridge (5.8 KB)
Model test.3dm (7.8 MB)

there’s a Perpendicular Frames component exactly for that :+1:

240222_Bridge (11.8 KB)

instead of Divide Curve, use Perp Frames

Thanks @inno !
I wonder how would I achieve that if this continous curve is ramped upwards. The actual geometry ramps for DDA purporses, resulting in the perp frames being on an angle, following the ramp. Woud you happen to know how to keep the perp frame vertically aligned ?

Line in orange is the result of simple perpframe, line in yellow is what im hoping to achieve, so i can subdivide the panels vertically in real life.

Attached script for reference
240219_Triangle (23.2 KB)

@inno I managed to get it to work. May not be the best solution but it does the trick.
Happy to see what you come up with if you have a better solution.

240219_Triangle (24.2 KB)

your solution works fine to my eyes, I would just have used a bit less components and take advantage of the Tangent vector output of the Divide Curve component, remove its Z component, in such a way to end up with “tangent vectors projected on the XY plane that passes through each division point” sort of :slight_smile:

then use those vectors that do not have Z component anymore to create planes from Normals, like this:

240219_Triangle (28.3 KB)

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Love it. So much cleaner. Thanks bro @inno

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