Align Planes alone Transverse Lines

Hi Everyone
i am trying to model a small Bridge Deck having one center line and two offset lines either side.
i am placing sections all along 1 meter interval but not able to orient or rotate planes according to transverse lines that are on different slopes…
Please take a look and advice.
Thanks alot for the Help.
Bridge Deck (57.4 KB)


Bridge Deck (12.0 KB)

Something like this get you started?

Have you heard of PFrames?

Bridge Deck (9.1 KB)

Also look at HFrames.

Hi Mr Josph.
Yes. It was very quick.
Actually I am exploring ways incase of super elevation i need to align my planes with transvers lines that could be varies in slope/Rotation. So to best suit cross lines instead of PFrames.
But this looks ok.

Thanks alot. :grinning: :+1:

Bridge Deck (25.9 KB)

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Thanks @HS_Kim
Appreciate. :+1:

Bridge Deck (14.9 KB)

Thanks @Joseph_Oster That’s what I was looking for. :+1:
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ok I
Bridge Deck (14.9 KB)
have workout and check and make it more simple. but now small work just want to rotate that planes by 90 degree as they are on plan now.

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I don’t understand what you mean , check this

Bridge Deck (10.4 KB)

I’m pretty sure this isn’t correct - is there a point to this mess?

Quit while you were ahead!

Good Question @Joseph_Oster.
First of all you are Right. But Secondly I compared above solids with the one surface of Bridge and Got some milli difference. So i was trying to get to bottom but was digging out why such difference.
Thanks @Joseph_Oster , @HS_Kim and @seghierkhaled for time and efforts. i got to learn alot.
And very sorry for any inconvenience. That looks like a kink on Bridge Surface.