VA3 - Monochrome in R8 & Hidden Line

Hi All,

Wanted to share some findings with the new monochrome setting. VA objects seem to cause the document to render shadows as very dark. Additionally, mesh lines (?) show up on va_wall objects.

For comparison, here’s just some straight rhino geometry with monochrome.

The transparent corrugated panel looks especially nice.

Back in VA, here’s another view. It appears that transparencies in VA windows also aren’t being rendered as intended.

Any idea what’s going on with this one?


Hi @Clayton_Muhleman, thanks for reporting this. We still need to adapt VisualARQ to work nicely with the Monochrome display mode. I’ll let you know when we improve it.

Hi @Clayton_Muhleman,

In tried to reproduce the shadow issue on a simple model, but it seems to work fine on my computer. I can see there are some strange or missing edges though:

Do you have any changes on the “Monochrome” display mode?
It looks fine if you explode the VisualARQ objects into native Rhino blocks?
Can you send me ( the 3DM model on the first post?