3D Top View floor plan graphics

I haven’t succeeded in creating an assortment of floor plans (or sections, for that matter, but let’s start with floor plans) from 3d views in Visual Arq employing an assortment of lineweights for a professional-looking result that’s easily and reliable adjusted.

I’d welcome a chance to see uploaded samples. I’ve only managed to control lineweights reliably in 2D VaViews, but they are accompanied by a variety of limitations, some of them quite serious.

I’d welcome even a portion of a plan view, however cropped, showing a wall, a door (with swing), and a window object.

It’s been quiet in the week since the above intial post.

I find myself resorting to having objects toned and hatched in various ways for emphasis to make up for the shortage of reliable line width configurations, but in the heat of work, line width requests are abundant and require fast response. I also resort to adding pline outlines in layout space, but automation is the big advantage of a parametrically editable object.

Surely some proud Va users have some examples to show.