VA Table Styles Queries - How to compile total length of all beam styles

Hi Asuni and VA community,
I have 3 queries regarding VA Table Styles -

  1. I have an project with many instances of multiple beam types. I would like to create a table which shows the total length of each beam profile, and not the length of every individual beam in the project. Currently when I run the VA Beam Table, I get a very long table listing every single beam and its length.

  2. I would like to create a custom parameter which shows the weight of steel for each beam type. Can I create a custom weight parameter, which notes the kilograms per linear meter of each beam, and get the VA Beam Table command to multiply this by the total length of each beam profile?

  3. I would like to create a custom parameter which shows the embodied energy of each beam style, and then create a table which calculates the overall embodied energy of all beam styles in the project. This would allow us to quickly test how slight changes in steel profile may result in improvements / reductions in embodied energy.
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Hello @chris3,

You can group the data in the vaTable according to a specific field. For example, you can group all the beams with the same style, so you will get the result of the addtion of the length of every beam. (See file attached)
Table.3dm (14.4 MB)

You can do this using the VisualARQ components in Grasshopper. Take a look to this Tip&Trick.

You can create and list costum parameters this way:

Hi Alfonso,
That is terrific - the integration with GH is very helpful.
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