Custom Parameters Generated in Element Style Definition?

Is it possible to generate and populate a custom parameter within a Grasshopper Element Style Definition?

I’m thinking of a couple of simple examples, like outputting weight or QTY of a certain feature. I saw the VisualArq components to add custom parameters to existing styles, but I’d like to automate it form the outset. I haven’t been able to get my output parameters for this type of thing picked up when I create the VA style.

Hi Tomh, it is not currently possible to generate a custom parameter inside a Grasshopper definition used to create a new VisualARQ GH Style, that shows a specific value calculated in the definition. This is planned for future versions, so I’ll let you know when we include this feature.

In the meantime you need to create that custom parameter (“Weight”) in Rhino (or in GH), reference the VisualARQ object style created from that GH definition in GH, and using the Set Property component to assign values to that object. The values assigned for this new custom parameter can be calculated from the referenced object. The Property names and Get Property component will help you to get a value from the referenced object.

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Thanks Francesc!

That method will work fine, I’ll just create one definition that will add all of my custom parameters. I look forward to that new feature, along with the ability to use equations in the parameter definitions (I saw that in another thread). Great stuff.