V8 wish: Pan to use pickpoint like rotate does

In V8 when we rotate the perspective view it now rotates around the point where the cursor “hits” the geometry. This is a great improvement IMO, could we have this for PAN as well? So it uses the pickpoint and the plane perpendicular to the camera? That would make a more cohesive experience.

Come to think of it, this applies to the zoom speed factor as well…
That would make a lot of sense if all of Rhino’s view manipulations acted like view rotate does now, so they use the “pick point” as the temporary camera target.

I love the rotate around point thing, but often need to reset the camera target so panning and zooming perform as expected.

I recently installed Rhino 8 on a fresh PC, and no, that’s not default.
We still need to activate the behavior by Rhino.Options.View.RotateViewAroundObjectAtMouseCursor

How strange, it behaves like this on my three machines and I could bet that I didn’t activate that on all three. One maybe, or some setting was default in one WIP and it stuck… or my mind is just going old.

None the less, I wish for this. SO now I wish for “Pan to use pickpoint as camera plane when Rhino.Options.View.RotateViewAroundObjectAtMouseCursor is active”
AND a toggle for this in the options.

:slight_smile: Sounds OK?

How can I access this option through Rhino Common? I can’t find a setting for it, but I would presume it is accessible anyway. Is it possible?

Hi Jorgen - I am not grokking what the change would be as a result.


Grokking? That’s a new term for me, care to explain?

Panning in 3D happens on view’s camera target plane, but I wish for setting this plane temporary to a z distance equivalent to the cursor object point. If it still doesn’t make sense I’ll try to explain better :blush:

True, this is a very debased application of grokking…
" Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed – to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience."

But, meantime, here is what happens with panning now -

What would be different in your proposal?


Hi @Holo, below seems to do it in Rhino 8:

import Rhino

assert Rhino.RhinoApp.ExeVersion >= 8, "Rhino 8 required"

k = "RotateViewAroundObjectAtMouseCursor"
s = Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn.GetPluginSettings(Rhino.RhinoApp.CurrentRhinoId, False)
v = s.GetChild("Options").GetChild("View")

# get current value
print "{} = {}".format(k, v.GetBool(k))

# enable 
v.SetBool(k, True)


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Ah, try a 2km x 2km terrain, put a box somwhere, zoom in and pan (don’t use zoom select) :slight_smile:

Wow, I would not have found that. Thank you!

Hi Pascal, have you tried navigating a larger BIM model in a bim viewer?
Most of them pop up a transparent sphere on the model under the mouse cursor and use this as the rotation point, zoom point and pan plane.
THIS is what I wish for, does that make better sense?

Hi Jorgen -
But isn’t this pan plane parallel to the camera plane? Does panning not move the entire camera in that plane (or any parallel one) or is there somerthing else happening that I am too dense to see?


Yes sir, that it is. Using a parallel plane at this location makes the panning speed intuitive and coherent with the rotation, and with the expected pan speed. If this parallel plane isn’t used and the camera focus point is far behind it will pan too slow, or if the camera focus point is too close it will pan too fast.
Same goes for zooming.

IMO Rhino could set the camera target at this plane automatically each time we navigate with rotate etc, (not center the camera to that point, but using the point that correspond as center of view at that point on the plane) but I am not entirely sure if this auto “focus” distance could cause some issues if you navigate a named view with some special camera settings like depth of field (but this uses focus distance from camera and not target, so I think we are good to go). That has to be tested out though.
(Edit: Rhino auto sets the target now in v7 too though, so I can’t imagine it being much different)

But the MAIN point is that for me on both large and small models is a superior navigation, intuitive an efficient. And I really think it is worth testing out automatically setting the camera target distance to this plane.

Thanks for listening Pascal, I know it can seem like a minor thing, but for everybody who spend hours on end each day navigating in Rhino’s perspective view I think it is worth considering making their navigation better.
(Oh, and every new user I have teached struggled with learning the logic behind Rhino’s camera and target, and had to learn ZS to be able to “reset” the view when it didn’t act as predicted. I can’t count the times someone said “my view is frozen” and I had to say “select something and hit zs and try again” :slight_smile: )

Hi Jorgen - In perspective, I only ever use Zoom Target - this reduces that problem quite a bit.

So - am I getting onto the right track:
The panning speed translates, it seems, from pixels traversed in the viewport to proportionally the same distance on the camera plane, so if the plane is far behind the objects of interest, these can be panned out of view, or if the plane is much closer to the camera, the opposite effect - the fraction of the scene that ‘moves’ is too small.


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Yes! In short: with that setting you get the feeling of grabbing the scene at that point in space and move it with your mouse cursor. Tactile and intuitive.

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