Rhino does not recognise objects while trying to Pan / Rotate around

Hello there!

Have been noticing some strange behaviour recently, and this one is particularly annoying. Rhino doesn;t seem to be recognising the objects that I’m choosing as reference points to pan around.

Sometimes it recognises objects, sometimes not, below is a short video showing it’s behaviour.

If someone could please help explain this behaviour it’d be very helpful. Thank you.

Apologies about the music - unless you love Steve Reich too !

OBS Studio is great for recording screen videos.

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Capture from TechSmith is good too. It used to be called Jing. It’s free. It’s basically SnagIt’s little brother.

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Hi Joshua -

As far as I know, Rhino never pans in relation to a specific object.
As for rotating around a point on a specific object, are you using keyboard buttons in addition to the right mouse button?

Hi Wim,

Yes I’m rotating using SHIFT + CTRL + Right Mouse Button.

As you can see in the video, I’m sometimes rotating around objects that the mouse is hovering over, I thought there was a setting to make this a default thing, just like rotate around GumBall is a setting.

Wondering why it is only happening sometimes and if there is a way I can make this the default

Options > Rhino Options > Advanced

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Hi Joshua -

David showed you how to make that the default.
As for the “why it only happens sometime” - it’s hard to see what’s going on in your video but it appears to be working. When you are rotating around a certain point of a specific object, when other objects get in the way - as it appears what happens in that video - of course that specific object won’t be visible anymore. If you can post a file with a saved named view and clearly identified objects that you are failing to rotate around, please post that 3dm and further information.

Thanks David, yes this is exactly what I was after. I could not remember how / where I found it to enable it previously. Thank you for the reminder :slight_smile:

Wim, I agree maybe it’s because other things may be getting in the way, my rhino’s been playing up quite a bit recently however it may be a larger laptop issue. Am getting my machine serviced. if the issue continues after this I’ll update this post.

Thanks again