V8 Tooltips off the Rhino window

I noticed if the placement of a non-maximized Rhino window is near the left edge of the screen, that the tooltips on the leftmost column of buttons are displaced to the left of the screen, outside the Rhino window. The next column to the right is unaffected.

Moving the Rhino window further to the right on the screen puts them back where they should be - there appears to be a distinct threshold.


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Seems ETOish to me.

Gladly the tooltips do show.

A similar thing is the statusbar right click menus.
Some do open downwards.
In < V8 they always open upwards.

IMO the menu should show on the left upper border of the statusbar panel, upwards of course.
Currently the menu shows at the click position, that’s not optimal.

I’m pretty sure that is due to this bug:
RH-78266 Tooltips align to the left

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I have the same problem. :sob:

Furthermore, as soon as I open every session of Rhino, the tooltips never appears, even if I stay over the button for many seconds. It fixes itself if I change the window and then go back to the Rhino window.