V8 raytraced/realtime memory/resource leak

There looks to be a major memory/resource leak in the v8 realtime render system; using raytraced viewport:

  1. start rhino
  2. new file > no template
  3. set perspective view to raytraced

Rendering here on 8.0.23045.12305 with cpu (5950x), the working set is nearly 12GB by the time it reaches 1000 samples:


Rendering here with gpu (quadro p620), it is worse, reaching over 15GB. I observe similar if I use my own renderer in v8, but neither shows this issue in v7.

I found this while working with just a single cube, with 4 viewports rendering, when Rhino unexpectedly ran out of memory (it showed its dialog, the one that says to restart your machine), and I found the working set had reached nearly 30GB.

That is a known issue and I believe was already fixed internally by @DavidEranen

the build you sent me does indeed fix this issue :+1:

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