Rhino Vray Free up Ram after render finished

Running windows 7 Ultimate with 8 GB Ram on i7 920.

I see that after a Vray render has finished most of my ram has been used up and I want to know if there is a command to release. At the moment I have to restart computer. I did some windows search on flushing ram but most of the commnds did not work… Any suggestions?

Even if I close Rhino you can see from screen shot that it still does not realse ram…

Hi @rfollett, Richard, Have you tried going to the Processes Tab. Here it will show all the processes and memory use per process. If the Process that is using all the RAM is not listed then at the bottom of the tab click on the option to:
The process munching all the RAM should be shown there and can be stopped by right clicking on the problem program/process and selecting END PROCESS.
If the Memory column is not shown on the processes tab, then goto View - Columns and enable the:
Memory Private Working Set
Also… From your uptime value of 2 Days, 20 hours, it is probably time for a reboot or at least a logoff/login maneuver to clean out the cobwebs in Windows.
Michael VS

Thank you and I understand - But the process is Rhino and if I end process this just closes Rhino and I am still left with no free ram…

Have you tried, as a test, rendering with other render engines (like rhino default render engine)? Preferably also with any plugins turned off if possible? It’d be useful to know what exactly causes the memory leak.

reboot or logoff/login should be totally unnecessary if memory gets released properly. IMHO instead of suggesting reboot perhaps an attempt of finding out what part leaks the memory would be good.

FYI, at the moment I’ve had my machine running for over 18 days already, without memory issues (and yes, I do test render quite a bit with work-in-progress code, the machine is regularly under heavy load, both CPU and RAM-wise)


Thank you both for your help

@rfollett V-Ray also uses a DRSpawner process for RT.

If you exit rhino normally V-Ray For Rhino will shutdown this process, if you end process Rhino in Task Manager it will not.

If this process is using a lot of memory you can run the command visDRSpawner Restart.

I had a mysterious memory leak (and crashing) a while back. We never found out the exact cause, but I suspected I had triggered the problems by using several versions of beta software (Rhino mostly) without a full re-install. The fix was to un-install Rhino and V-Ray and then re-install both. Just to be safe, double-check your video card drivers to make they are current as well.

Thanks Dave… On a different note I am looking to buy new computer and was interested in your setup / recommendations?

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i am using windows 10 with 8 gb of ram any guide how to free up ram.

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Thank you. I have found the sloution here

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