V8 mac - pasting materials produces pseudo-instanced child textures

this is a repro for an issue reported by a user on mac (8.2.23339.13002, 2023-12-05), which I have confirmed on mac (8.1.23325.13002, 2023-11-21), but not on windows (8.1.23325.13001, 2023-11-21)

  1. create a Custom material
  2. assign a 2D Checker to Color
  3. right-click the material > Copy
  4. right-click the materials panel > Paste

the child textures of the two Custom materials will not be marked as instances, will not have the “Remove Instancing” context menu item lit up, but will otherwise behave as instances, with changes to one affecting the other, and with both being selected in the list, when either is selected

I think this is happening only when ‘Group similar textures’ is checked in the texture panel, can you confirm this?

It might be that this is on by default on Mac but not on Windows, I will look into it.

looks like that is it – I think I have never even opened the textures panel on mac, so indeed that was checked, and I confirm that unchecking it gets rid of this instance-like behavior

thanks for the confirmation. I’ve asked why that checkbox is there in the first place. To me it looks redundant, since we already have a way to make a true instance.

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RH-78891 “Group similar textures” checkbox affects copied materials