[Q] Material Instance


I wonder what is the material instance in Rhino, how to use it or where is the practical benefit of it?
You can create it by right click “Copy” and then right click “Paste as Instance” in material editor.


This is so you can change either one and update both locations at the same time. I generally only use it with textures to keep the tiling or output adjustments consistent. If you see an “i” at the top of the texture settings you know it’s an instance.

You can click the i to remove instancing too.

I still do not understand the benefits. Why to apply instances of material to scene objects instead of one original material if instances are identical?

If you’re looking at this more as something done with a material versus a texture in a material, then I think the benefit would be that you have less separate material names and you can edit in object properties>material for any selection to update all other instances. Again, I use this for textures and not material copies although it is possible to instance the whole material.

Thanks, it’s getting clearer.