V8 layer manager name editing

I am struggling with editing layer names when I use the arrow keys for maneuvering in a specific layer name. Too often, I jump out of the layername and a parent layer collapses than. Or I move to other layer columns.
What’s happening here?

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Hoi Gerard -

I can’t make the cursor go beyond the start or end of a layer’s name using the left and right arrows on the keyboard.
Could you run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?

Having the exact same problem with Rhino 8 now.

In previous versions of Rhino you could move the editing text cursor inside the layer name with keys just as you would in any text editor.

Arrows keys now seems to cycle through the entire layer interface instead of the text editing.

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I see that:
RH-78431 Layertree collapses when editing a child layername


Thank you Gijs,
Over here (still) the same bug.