Navigation of the layers panel by typing layer names missing on Windows

It’s no longer possible to jump to a layer name just by typing it’s name in Rhino 8 WIP.

Expected behaviour:

  1. Click somewhere on the “Layers” panel to bring it to focus.
  2. Start typing “fen…”
  3. Fences layer gets selected, because it’s name matches.

It worked in Rhino 7, but in Rhino 8 now nothing happens.

I think this is standard behaviour in Windows UI. I imagine it must have gone during the development of the layer panel (which has improved things a lot I think).

It would be useful, because it eases the navigation when you have a set of frequently used layers. You can keep hands on the keyboard instead of clicky-pointing layer names.

A shortcut to focus on the search bar could solve that as well :slight_smile: (e.g. ctrl+f)

Hi Daniel -

This is on the list as RH-72268 ChangeLayer: Allow keyboard input

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Perfect, thanks for confirming