Left/right arrow keys in Layers Panel make it lose focus when renaming

Layers Panel loses focus in Rhino 8 WIP when trying to rename a layer and pressing right or left arrow keys. Pressing Ctrl+right/left arrow keys works fine.

My guess is that it tries to expand/collapse that layer item.

Hmm… setting object’s name in the properties panel seems to occasionally lose focus as well

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I was just about to ask about this. Thanks for the workaround Daniel. Although it appears that even with Ctrl, the cursor moves to the start of a word instead of individual letters.

McNeel, please can we revert to left arrow moving left when renaming layers and right arrow moving right. Much more intuitive than left jumping out and up to the parent layer. Worked great in all previous versions. If it ain’t broke…


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In my current build arrows work as in V7, is this still an issue for you @hayden @Daniel_Krajnik ?

Still an issue in V8, unfortunately. :frowning_face:

In the meantime, this issue has been found and logged. It happens on child layers
RH-78431 Layertree collapses when editing a child layername