[v8] Custom Curve Preview bug - does not draw curves after load/save

I have one Custom Curve Preview component connected to a set of curves, and it displays these curves with the chosen color and linetype.

If I then duplicate this component by Alt-dragging, and connect it to another set of curves, these curves are not displayed. If I drag a Custom Curve Preview component fresh from the toolbar and connect it to the second set of curves, it does display these curves.

The same problem occurs when the components are saved to GH file, and re-opened: then they won’t draw curves anymore. Looks like there is an error in serialization/deserialization of this component?

Looks like the linetype parameter is at fault. After deserialization its value is reported to be Model Linetype : Continuous (what I chose when I configured the component), but it is not selected in the list. When I manually select it in the list, the component draws again.