Bug: Grasshopper Curves Won't Custom Display in Rendered/Arctic

Hi @DavidRutten,

I might have missed something, but Grasshopper curves do not display in Rendered and Arctic mode when using a Custom Display, unless this is clustered:

I see there are other topics related to this issue, but they are quite old and I was just wondering if this is the intended behaviour or a bug?



Hi @AndersDeleuran,

In the latest Rhino for Mac 6, the custom display behaves the same. I usually circumvent this by simply using PreviewLW (Custom Preview Lineweights) from Human. It also has some features beyond just setting a colour swatch.

I’d also be interested to know if this is intended behaviour?

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Actually I think it’s a bug when the curves do show inside a cluster. For a while now no previews are drawn in so-called render display modes. Instead the preview geometry is handed off to Rhino so it can draw it using the rendering process.

I’ll need to look into how curves are supposed to be handled once I get into the office.

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Just to be clear, does this imply that if one checks the Curves radio button on the Display panel, curves from Grasshopper are (or should be) rendered in the Rhino viewport?