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Hi everyone,

I am trying the new Custom Curve Display component in GH (R8). When setting the linestyle to DashDot I can see nothing happen in Rhino Canvas. I suppose that it is something related with the scale of the style. My rhino units are set to Meters just in case.

Does anyone experience the same issue?

Thanks in advance! (11.5 KB)


Check this out:


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Thanks for your answer! In my dropdown there is only the continuous line, is there a way of making appear the rest of styles?

Type LineTypes in rhino command and check. All other line types will start appearing in GH.

I don’t know whether it’s bug or not. Even for me initially only one line type was showing.

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Each time I load the GH file I lose the Line styles. I have to perform some operation in Rhino canvas to make them appear again. Is that a bug? Am I doing something wrong?

In a new file? If so you’ll need to load the linetypes first to populate them in the document before using in grasshopper. This would apply to R7 or 8.

If I open a new grasshopper file, It appears to be empty when I place the query Model Linetypes. In order to see them I need to do some operations in Rhino such as creating a line and changing the linetype manually in rhino. After that, if I place the component I can see all the linetypes

Yes, linetypes and hatches aren’t actually added to the Rhino document until the document properties are checked or such object is created.

Is there a way to load these components from Grasshopper into Rhino to use them in my script? I want to do some visualization in my script, but when I share it, I lose the linestyles because they are not loaded.

[v8] Custom Curve Preview bug - does not draw curves after load/save - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

I found the same bug here