V8.6 Section tool. A Bug and a Wish

Hello @rajaa .

Here is a bug on the latest V8.6 I found.
File is attached.

888.3dm (288.8 KB)

As a wish, I would like to have possibility to update the Clipping drawing for whole elements of the scene and a picked elements only.
Currently we have only option of whole scene update.
Is this possible?

Hi, I don’t think I fully understand what the bug is in this case? Is it the color between the 2 drawings of the cylinder? If so, in the plan view, you are sectioning through the cylinder, and hence all input object properties apply to output, when in the second the cylinder is a background object and all background are black. There is a wish to make background objects inherit the color of source input objects [here…](https://RH-81400 Set Background Color By Input Object)
Is this what you are after?

Trying to understand the problem you have here. Is it speed, or delay when update the scene?
There is UpdateClippingDrawings command that you can select specific ClippingSection to update, but I gather what you need might be different?

Hi @rajaa
Thank you for replying.

Great! Please, include my voice to this wish.
I would go further and request inheriting not only the color, but all layer properties (linetype and print thickness).

Yes, you’re right.
The reason I want to have ClippingDrawing update per object is I have background objects’ layer turned off and update the main object I working on without removing background from the Drawing.
In case I need to update the grey box’s height, I’ll loose the background in the drawing after ClippingDrawing update.

Hello, @rajaa
I want to continue this topic with some issues I still see in the latest V8.
Both Rhino and PDF attached.
Page 1.pdf (50.3 KB)
888.3dm (681.9 KB)

  1. Technical Display mode still makes some artefacts while printing.
    Please, forward this to dedicated person. I’m not sure who is.

    Here is Wireframe to compare.

  2. Clipping drawing cut plane still has see-thru effect. I believe the fix is on testing now?

  3. Print width by layer has no effect on ClippingPlane’s result while printing.

At the same time without clipping it works.

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Hi Screamer -

FWIW, when I open that file, all details on the layout are in the Wireframe display mode. Since the titles suggest otherwise, I take it that you are using a custom display mode - this makes it impossible to make sure that I’m testing the same thing…

I’m not seeing that here.

If you are referring to RH-78206, I’ve tested that with your model and am still getting erroneous hidden lines.

I’ll look into this one a bit more, but…
The first picture appears to come from a view in a (modified version of a) technical display mode; the second appears to be a wireframe viewport. When printing to a vector format (pdf/svg), those two different display modes go through different printing engines and I wouldn’t compare a mix of clipped / non-clipped and technical / wireframe output…
While wireframe viewports will export a vector, that display mode is not designed to export vector versions of surfaces. That will simply export the wires of every surface and is not something that is typically desired.

Hello @wim.
Sorry, my bad. Surprisingly I had two Technical display modes.
I made it single and unmodified and there is no artefacts.
Thank you for pointing me.

Ok. So this fix is still in process.

But it could be the case in some user’s workflow, right?

But Technical mode is already designed to produce vector while printing, isn’t it?
So despite of possibility to produce vector this mode has no way to carry the line print width?

Hi Screamer -

For Rhino 8, that is correct. Visible edges are currently hard-coded to use the Continuous linetype that is, itself, hard-coded to be 1 px. You can change the thickness (and segments length) of hidden edges by modifying the Hidden linetype.

I see.
As it sounds, it will not be the working thing for V8 at all?
Is it supposed for V9 only?

I hope this is something that will be looked at for Rhino 9, and not some later version…