Rhino 8 section tool - elevation drawing is black


I have a problem with a new section tools with which I have high hopes.

I created a 3D model of a building and I want to create floor plans and elevation views.

While the floor plan section works fine, elevation views were not generated.
I found that clicking “add background” while creating a drawing, solves the problem of not generating the drawing, but all connection to the layers is lost. In other words, the drawing is black and white.

What can be done about that? Is there some option to tell Rhino to place the elements on the parent layer?

I am attaching the project:
Section problem builing.3dm (16.1 MB)

By default, only sections are generated, so if the clipping plane doesn’t intersect with the geometry, you will indeed get an empty drawing.
What I suspect you want is to have an option to make the line colors the same as the object colors, is that correct? I don’t think the drawings are intended to end up on the source layers.
I do think the background in black and white is by design, to differentiate clipped from non clipped geometry, but this I have to ask @rajaa to comment on.

Thank you for such a quick answer @Gijs

To have the elements on the same layer would be good enough. To have the elements on the separate layer but with the colours of the parent layer - that would be awesome.

@Gijs assumption is correct. Only objects that intersect with the ClippingPlane (sections) use the properties source objects, but not the background. Output (or drawings) are not placed in source layers either. All the output is placed under the section names and sublayers for the drawing.

I think it might be possible to set the color of background curves to be from source object, but this feature is not likely to make it into Rhino 8.