V7 wish list


i have some personal wish items for V7 but currently I just need V6 to work properly.

The Wish List for V7 though is as follows;

  1. Display Modes per Layer for Paper Space.

  2. Better cross sectioning tools with clipping planes

    • Offset cross sections

    • Cross Sectioning Hatches

    • Omit objects from cross section

  3. Change wire cut for multiple curves used as cutting tool

what is not working for you in v6?

We have had a bunch of graphical issues with viewports hiding geometry, drafting issues with leaders and text, layout copy issues loosing all of the title block and not copying, dimensions not associating with model space correctly and changing their “style” randomly, box edit issues, wire cutting issues, Make 2D issues with not joining curves, PDF’s issues not showing geometry, Rhino re-setting its options and no longer having certain display modes and plugins available, model and layout units re-setting from inches to mm randomly. If I consulted with my coworkers I could add more.

we’d love to get to the bottom of all these issues- If you could write them up and send them to tech@mcneel.com with any info or files we can use to reproduce, we’d be happy to help try and work through all of this.

also if you can run the systeminfo command on the offending machine/machines it’ll help us see if there are any hardware issues.

Morning Kyle,

When I find time I will collect together the issues being raised by my fellow coworkers and put them together. Right now we are crawling along and dealing with the issues as they come just to keep moving with design and drafting. I had already posted my system info prior and performed some driver updates as a result but it didn’t change anything and other workers in the department have different machines so getting their system info is a chore to say the least.

Ultimately, we use Rhino and the problems that arise are annoying, and make life a little difficult, but day to day we make it work. I can not share files due to the nature of the work we do, sorry.

Thanks for the help though. Looking forward to Rhino V7. As I stated, we are a busy company and would love to see somethings added in the future which would be a benefit to engineering.

We’re in the same boat.

What type of issues are you working with?

and bunch of other issues with Python and RhinoScript methods.

Windows and macOS serial number (licence key) compatibility …

Already the case with V6.

Oh, I didn’t know it.

It didn’t work when I tried to install macOS WIP using my rhino 6 license for win last week. So, I’ve installed bootcamp instead.

Any chance to get some instruction for macOS installation?

A V6 license key is not valid for getting a V6 for Mac WIP license key - only a V5 for Mac license key. The V6 key will be valid however for the final V6 for Mac version.

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Thank you for providing some information. I will try the V5 then.
One question though, Is mac and win versions have huge difference in terms of functions?

For the basics no. Just mainly the interface is quite different.

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Ok, I will use rhino for mac then.

Thank you for your much needed information.

My wish list:
Technical view: line thickness and style acc to Iso drawing rules .
Make2d: left view for european style as also wished for V6
Realtime dynamic sections like in yacht design softwares .Colors of sections individually adjustable. On/off of sections, buttocks, waterlines and diagonals as group and individually.
Same with rows of cps: on/off + colors
“Better” rebuild. RiccardoM has once shown a nice way with minimum number of points and/or adjusting degree for staying single span. Should also work for 2d not only 3d.
Generally: most of what VSR had…

  • light lines
  • srf approx
  • cp modelling
  • srf on mesh
  • numerical matching analysis
    @TomTom once said Rhino only has 30% of all matching tools he knows of… Seems a lot can be improved on this…@TomTom can you explain a bit, and make a priority list?

Hi folks,

I add one wish : I’d like to be able to use several curves which could be joined as one curve for sweep1 (or sweep2 or any other) whithout joining them. It could extend really significantly the interest of history.

Add “Partial match surface”, which should work similar to “Match surface” except that the former would allow you to select one or more surface control points and match only these to a nearby surface edge (not the entire row). This will be a huge help for Rhino designers, because that way they could match only the desired portion of a surface edge.

Also, add variable influence for G1 and G2 continuity. I already suggested this extremely useful wish long time ago somewhere in the forum…