V7 wish list

I wonder if Mirror by Cplane axis has been requested? That way when a construction cplane is made and you want to mirror about it, maybe it would work. Thanks, Mark

Mirror in V5 and V6 has XAxis and YAxis options:

XAxis Automatically mirrors the object around the construction plane x axis.

YAxis Automatically mirrors the object around the construction plane y axis.

  • spelling check
  • support more cpu 64 cores
  • Editable fillet, chamfer
  • excellent quad mesh
  • editable boolean
  • parameter block
  • auto cplane
  • sub-d
  • easy way mesh to nurb
  • isometric dimension on layout
  • trimmed hatch

I add:

  • Multiblend (important for creating complex and soft fittings)
  • Multisweep (important for generating, with more ease, complex shapes)
  • Editable Chamfer (with different angles of 45 degrees)
  • Fillet type ‘setback’.
  • A review of UDT tools (more interactive and convenient to use, with handles, for example)
  • Blend surface with more controls (VSR plug-in type).
  • Extrude of smarter faces and with reference to the adjacent edges (solid instruments).
  • Edit curve on surface
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What would be automatic?

You can try sketchup, something like that

Rhino currently has several options of setting CPlanes including:

The Object option sets the construction plane in the active viewport to an object.

The Surface option sets the construction plane to match a surface. The placement is constrained so that the construction plane is tangent to the surface.

The Curve option sets the construction plane perpendicular to a curve.

The Elevation option changes the elevation (z-direction) of the construction plane.

The Through option moves the construction plane origin to a selected point.

The View option sets the construction plane in the active viewport parallel to the view.

The 3Point option sets the construction plane in the active viewport by specifying points to establish the x-, y-, and z-directions.


… and OneView that sets the CPlane automatically when the perspective view looks at a primary CPlane.

A review of the UDT tools would be welcome.
(an example well implemented in FormZ).
Deformation tools in Rhino are very inconvenient to use and handle correctly, in my opinion.

Better management of deformation tools would be welcome. I hope to see some upgrades, especially with regards to their management (the handles are much more comfortable than the current options available in Rhino).
Making a precise and immediate “bend”, is currently complicated and impractical, in my opinion.

  • Add “solid” option to the “Offset Variable surface”.
  • Add “tangent and smooth” option to the “extend curve on surface” command.
  • Extend curve on surface, with options line, smooth, with arc …
  • OFFSET CROSS SECTION with Clipping Planes!
  • Object Selection within Clipping Plane Command. Clipping plane only cuts certain objects
  • Layer Transparency
  • Object Transparency
  • Different Display Mode Properties Per Layer
  • Additional Text Functions such as different font size in one text field
  • Object Replacement Function
  • Multiple Paper Space Viewports open at one time or a “copy viewport attributes” function
  • Polygonal or Round Viewports
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We need improvements for creating and editing surfaces, fillet enhancements, shells, offset surfaces, booleans for special cases … Rhino doesn’t have to become an Autocad!

I guess we use it for different objectives. In the company I work in we use it for 3d design, mechanical shop drawings, RhinoCAM for G Code programming, architectural submittals, presentations and more. Where I agree is that “No, it doesn’t have to become Autocad” but man it could be a player if it had for drafting functionality.

A live Boolean would be great. Modo has that function, obviously its a different beast buts its a great function.

maybe I’ve to add my wish here

  • Already possible with SetObjectDisplayMode
  • Already possible to some degree with blocks (edit one and the others update); also fairly easily scriptable I think, but the request is fairly vague… What object replaces what other object?

You can copy a layout (right click on the tab); copying model viewports settings to another should also be possible via script - but what “attributes” are we talking about?

Why do you need this?

Maybe you mean something similar to what I have requested to @DavidLeon. If you have modelled an object which has no history relations (perhaps a Rebuild/Refit is necessary after projecting), and then subsequently use this object as an input for several operations which do use history (Sweep2, NetworkSrf, BlendSrf, FilletSrf), you reach a roadblock when this first input object needs to change. Maybe a new projection is made for the intitial 3D edge/sweep rail. It would be useful to ‘swap out’ the input object with the new input ( and to of course reselect the parameter where History was referred to in the previous input).

Otherwise you need to go through all the steps again. Grasshopper is also of course an option, but not for complex sweep2s in my opinion given all the CrvSeam components I would need.

Object Transparency - The function “SetObjectDisplayMode”, does this work on paper space? Can I have a viewport displayed in “PatentDrawing” but have on object in “Ghosted”? I didn’t think so, but that’s what I was referring to.

The Object replacement would be utilized if lets say there were 10 different screws but we needed to replace one type for screws in a project with an alternate, once the alternate is selected then the items it replaces are removed and the alternates put in their place. I know this is kind of possible with blocks but our Boss is not a fan of blocks so we cannot use them.

The viewport thing- in Autocad you can copy “viewport layer attributes”, for lack of better terms, and then apply them to other existing view ports so the layers that are “frozen” or “thawed” within the viewport are consistent, when need, be across multiple viewports. I can copy viewports but when I have a 100 page document and 100 plus layers, I tend to have to put together page formats with viewports, title blocks and so on prior to working out whats exactly to be shown in each viewport (if that makes sense), then go back an put together each page with call outs, dims and so on. Coping a set of “viewport attributes” or “styles” (which I think its referred to in Autocad) would make it just slightly easier.

Polygonal or Circular Viewports - Right now we are restricted to rectangular or square view ports, sometimes we would like to be able to use circular or different shaped viewport for detail shots as this might fit the flow of the page layout better.

please release asap…