V7 selection very slow

(7.4.21054.9561, 2021-02-23)
In V7 selection is very slow in semi transparent shading.
It is also slow in shaded and wireframe.
V6 reacts immediately, V7 takes up to 3 sec. until the selection menu is there.
This is on several PCs with different graphics adapters.

Play with this:
Slow selection.zip (3.0 MB)

Yeah, I see the delay - it’s about one second here, depending on the view.

Hmmmm- this came up and was tuned up to some extent back in September but apparently it is not a much of a fix as I thought at the time - there is a trick - in Ghosted, set the display mode to use a transparent grid - even a small amount of transparency - to override the visibility culling, which is what is taking the time.


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Thanks Pascal for the workaround.
Any chance this will be fixed without using a transparent grid?
I searched in Youtrack and couldn’t find the issue.

Do have some more info for me?
Because today the 4th customer complained.
While the workaround works, it would be good to know when it is no more necessary.

Thank you

I get the same issue on larger scenes …not using v7 now, back to 6
(7.3.21053.23031, 22/02/2021)

Selection is still slow.
(7.5.21082.11001, 2021-03-23)

Especially annoying and unreliable (sometimes refuses to select) with subD selection filters.

@Charles @norbert_geelen - Does having Properties open/closed and-or Gumball on/off make any difference?


For me it doesn’t.

Also not viewport size and viewport count.

OK - thanks for checking, all.


Still slow in Version 7 SR5
(7.5.21096.11001, 2021-04-06)

Any more thoughts on this Pascal? Thank you

Hi Rich - perhaps - there are a couple more things you can try, based on other users’ recent feedback on similar selection problems -

  1. One user reports that, somewhat inexplicably, resetting all the checkboxes in the Display panel, that is, unchecking all, and then rechecking the ones you want, seems to have sorted it out. Not a solutuion but worth a try.

  2. Try window selecting half of the file and hide or even delete - does anything change? Half again… and again, it might be that you can locate an object that causes the problem.

I think you said that in at least one file, you could hide some objects and the selection problem was less or gone, is that correct? Is that the file you sent me?


here is the file… only 16mb - selection is OK on this file but if you duplicate the model 30 times then selection is very slow… which I understand but seems much slower than v6

v7-speed.3dm (16.9 MB)

Still slow in:

Version 7 SR6
(7.6.21103.13001, 2021-04-13)

I wonder why this is not considered as bug or regression.

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Yes, dealing with the same issue over here. 165mb drawing with lots of lines and text, started in R6, but noticeably slower in R7. Takes up to 10 seconds to select some text or a line. Overlapping objects seems to take much longer. It may be caused by the algorithms that are used to select among overlapping objects, did those change in R7?


Hello - there were fixes in recent days that may affect this - we were able to reproduce at least some of the slowness when a lot of objects are in the scene. The fixes are not, probably in the current service release candidate, I’m afraid.


Excellent, thank you, I look forward to giving the new SR a try when it arrives.