V7 rendered/raytrace not using what I provide via SimulateMaterial

Not sure where to start looking for a solution, in case this is due to something I am doing wrong, but rendered & cycles display modes in v7 stopped using my materials (which are provided using SimulateMaterial(ref Material sm, bool forDataOnly)) at some point – I believe it was working fine at some point, but has been this way in the last several builds.

Here is v6 (windows, 6.28.20199.17141) rendered view for several of my material types on the left, and cycles raytrace on the right:

And the same file in v7 (windows, 7.0.20224.11375):

afaik this applies to everywhere a material appears – in the viewports, material editor preview pane, rendered thumbnails, etc, which means my users can only use my renderer’s display mode to see what they are doing, if they use v7.

If you want to test this you can download the most recent (currently 20.12) plugin from here, and use the attached file.

rhino-vp-mats.7z (3.6 MB)

@andy @nathanletwory any ideas here?

@jdhill We deprecated the old version of SimulateMaterial and it is no longer called in V7. I’m starting to think this might be a problem…


Thanks Andy, if there’s a different v6 api I could use, which is still working in v7, I’d sure be willing to look at that, but afaik SimulateMaterial (or I guess, the version I am using … I only code against v6) is all there is.


There’s nothing else - at the moment I think you probably have to provide a different binary for V6 and V7. This is obviously an sdk breakage that we have to fix - so just hold on. You are high up the priority list!

  • Andy

Thanks sir, I’ve lowkey been making myself a guinea pig for that aspect (one binary for both) of writing a render plugin for rhino, since I assume you intend to support that, to the extent it will be possible.

Yup - most certainly! Especially if you continue to address me as “Sir”

Done. Will be in the next WIP.

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mucho mejor en 7.0.20238.17095 señores, ¡gracias!

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