Raytrace materials randomly grey

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I am trying to use the raytrace display mode and I’m having problems with my materials. I have all v-ray materials in this model. Some of them are appearing fine, while others are appearing grey. For instance, I have these two objects (circled) that are on the same layer and have the same material applied but are not showing up the same in the view. Even if I change the material to a new rhino material it remains grey. Does anyone know why I’m getting this error? Thanks!

Hm - I do not know how cycles handles Vray materials in a Rhino file - I guess I would not expect it to work right, necessarily but I guess it should at least be consistent - are the material assignments per object or layer? Any blocks?


Thanks for your quick response. The materials are assigned per layer, which is why I thought it was strange it’s giving me differences. I tried rebuilding my surfaces (they’re lofted surfaces) and I got one part of the geometry to display correctly but not the other part. None of them are blocks or groups.

Hello - this is going to be hard to test - no VRay here. If you set both objects to use a Rhino material, I assume(?) it looks correct?


Unfortunately if I make a new rhino material (the light green) it still has the same problem.

OK - good - please export the objects with Rhino materials, and post or send me the resulting file at tech@mcneel.com, with a link back here in your comments.


Thanks for your help!
21_0820_Export_McNeel.3dm (278.1 KB)

On my Mac this opens and renders so that the surfaces are all green

Huh, I wonder why. I’m having this issue with a lot of surfaces in my main model, but even when I open this exported file the one surface is still showing up as grey. Do you have any idea why it would be working on your machine and not mine?

Not yet, I’ll have to double-check on my Windows machine, but after dinner - it is 19:00hrs here in Finland.

ok thanks!

All green here, too.


The only way I get anything remotely to what you have is by placing a light source in such a way that the other side of the mound is in the shadow, something like this

I guess your original file contains some specific lights setup that I don’t see - maybe something V-Ray specific?

Without the special light, and using the original file you sent it looks on my Windows machine like the screen capture I took on the Mac.

The only light I have in the file is a v-ray sun, but maybe its something
else in v-ray that’s causing this. I’ll see if one of my co-workers can
open it without issues. Thanks for your help!

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