Rhino 7 Raytraced mode showing all material in white

In Rhino 6 I would apply materials to layers and surfaces via VRay and then export quick Views and diagrams in the raytraced mode with all the materials and shadows visible. In Rhino 7, render cycles shows all materials as white. While following the same process I did earlier. Any solutions to this? I have set Current Renderer to V-Ray for Rhino and have selected ‘Colour & material usage’ in Display Options as ‘Rendering Material’. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you make a small change to one of your V-Ray materials will it show as non-white in the viewport ?

It shows the change in ‘Rendered’ viewport. But in ‘Raytraced’ viewport it remains the same.

did you try the Render command?

Let me clear the situation.
If you see “white” materials in viewoport “Rendered” mode, that is because we changed our library texture compression. Our textures are in .tx format, which is not displayable in the Rhino viewport, not directly. The “rendered” viewport representation is just a hint. It does and will never match the actual V-Ray render. So, in order to display this hint, we need to convert the .tx files to something Rhino can understand. In this case .jpg. So… We changed the .tx file compression, and all existing files, must refresh the viewport material cache. This can happen in two ways: chage something for each material or open the file by the File|Open menu command. Double clicking won’t work.

“Raytraced” mode is basically Cycles. It does not understand V-Ray materials and it renders the Rhino material as is in the viewport. For each V-Ray material a corresponding Rhino material is created, as close as possible (but not equivalent), so the Viewport and other renderers can work.

In essence, it is pointless to render V-Ray materials with other renderer (Cycles) and expect plausable results. Those materials are only an approximation.

Instead of Raytraced you would better use the “V-Ray Interactive” mode, which is the same as “Raytraced”, but runs V-Ray instead of Cycles

Right, thank you for the elaboration.
I was wondering what changed from R6 to R7. It was never an accurate way of getting renders, but a fast one for schematic purposes instead. But, thank you nonetheless. Now I know why this happened. Cheers.