Polyline "Done" fails when dimension is entered

this works as expected:

  • start polyline command with alias via keyboard
  • click first point, second point, third point
  • press enter/space to end command

but this doesn’t:

  • start polyline command with alias
  • click first point
  • enter length using keyboard
  • click to complete line segment
  • press space/enter to end command

on the last step, nothing happens, and clicking the done button doesn’t work either. the problem appears to be that the entered text for the length remains in the “Value” box even after the segment is finished. manually selecting the text with the mouse, deleting it, and then trying to complete the command works.

on a late-2013 macbook pro 13", running Version 6 WIP (6.15.19086.09026, 2019-03-27) doesn’t appear to be model-specific, happens when opening a new file and after restart

have noticed a few other bugs since starting to work with the WIP:

  • using the Lasso command in a similar way to above (without the length entry), Rhino crashes when pressing “Done” or Enter/Space
  • issues importing libraries in grasshopper python components. specifically, I haven’t been able to use urllib2 which appears to work fine in Mac Rhino 5
  • in Grasshopper, “Copy All Content” and “Copy Data Only” appear to not be working (no content is available on the clipboard if these are clicked)

Other than this it’s amazing! Super excited about having Rhino 6 on Mac. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Hello - so far this (your polyline comments) does work (almost) as expected here - is there a long delay, that is, if you wait long enough does it eventually finish or does it never complete? Here there is a noticeable delay but the command ends.


Hi Pascal – tried waiting for some time but still appears to be not completing. Here’s a screen capture of the behavior I’m seeing:

Hello - ok- thanks - I am not using the floating command prompt - I’ll try that.
Yep, I see it, thanks.



This should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP. Please test and make sure it’s fixed on your end. Thanks again for reporting this and providing details for reproducing it.

Awesome! Working great as far as I can tell. Thanks 1,000,000

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