Mouse button --> _Enter?

Someone here has a multi-button mouse (with like 12 buttons) - in Preferences>Mouse>Buttons, clicking the button is recognized in the box corresponding to the button, but putting something in like simply _Enter does not seem to work. How should this be done? I know exactly zero about this stuff…

Thx, --Mitch

Attaching _Enter to a mouse button works fine for me. Pressing the mouse button is the same as typing _Enter. I’ll need to know more about what “does not seem to work” to help further.

“Does not seem to work” means just that - it doesn’t work. We can put _Enter onto one of the buttons, but his instance of Mac Rhino doesn’t do anything when the corresponding button is pressed.


I’m not at my mac now but I have middle button / scroll wheel configured with the _PopUpPopular command and it works just fine. Try adding the ! before the command. I’ve also tried several configurations for the 4th and 5th buttons of my wacom mouse.

Is there maybe something in his System Preferences / Mouse setup that can be looked at? I always just use a regular 3-button mouse with Rhino, so I have never came across this issue. Mouse driver maybe?

Just my 2¢ …


This works for me:

Assign _Enter to a mouse button. I’ll call it mouse button 5.

Start new model.
Start Polyline command.
Left click four times to create a polyline with three segments.
Click mouse button 5.

The command completes and a polyline with three segments is created.

The following is in the command history window:
Command: _Polyline
Next point of polyline. Press Enter when done ( PersistentClose=No Close Mode=Line Helpers=No Length Undo )_Enter

Can you provide a detailed description of something that does not work when using the extra mouse buttons?

If you put _Polyline as the mouse button command, does pressing that button start the Polyline command?