V7 colours paler than V5 what setting to match?

comparing same file, V7 is paler than v5, in shaded mode, what setting controls this ?
Both are open at same time on win10 pc.
The light grey objects had almost gone from view until I zoomed in to find them

purple paler , as are other colours not shown here.
It cannot be the new graphics card as both V5 and v7 are open with it , thy are taking up a half screen each.

Dimensions are a tad darker than V5.


That’s probably to be expected. V7’s display code was completely re-written, so I would expect things not to look identical to V5.

oh dear, I had hoped settings would solve both, as such broken x2.
In that case I will be using V5 on projects where colours were chosen for effect and visibility. Too involved to go changing them, what with rotate being broken, …oh dear.

Creating only new in V7, perhaps…

but then getting used to more time to naviaget than was needed, for a tool to rotate after each pan move…not so good.