V6 Wish : Gradient Hatch?

Hi there,
I would like to say that would be very appreciable if you can add a better and deeper way to manage the hatches, in particular regarding the ability to have gradient colours like linear, double linear, radial, etc.



Can you explain more about what you’d like to see added for hatches? I’m guessing a little but I think you ultimately would like vector color fills? Is that correct? Hatches are vector art now and can be exploded into curves… so they scale nicely. Would you want gradient hatches to also be vector or would raster at a limited resolution be sufficient? Sample images of the types of hatches you’d like to see would also help in filing the request.

If you have some other requests for hatch management, please describe them too.

Hi Brian,
thanks for taking time answering me.
I know that hatches are vector but one: the solid. (or not?)
The request could be explained to be able to have more option for the “solid” hatch.
For example the solid could have gradient shade of color, of transparency…
The surrounding idea it’s to be able to use the Layout for creating a much more expressive drawing. I don’t know the limit but I think would be great!
Here a very basic example: 01_Tavole_2D.zip (96.7 KB)

I think I understand. I’m wondering if you made your sample in Rhino. Mainly because you may have used the same method I’m about to suggest.

If raster is fine for these fills, you can use PlanarSrf on a closed curve and then assign a basic material which can have all the qualities you mentioned like gradients using the Rhino gradient texture or transparency. You could then use SetObjectDisplayMode once in the detail to make these surfaces use the Rendered display mode despite the rest of the detail being in Wireframe.

@mary , you use hatches, do you think they lend themselves to solid gradient fills or transparency? Would you expect vector art if they did?

I would definitely expect them to be vector! The solid hatch is vector. I export them to wmf all the time to get light-weight quality graphics into PowerPoint all the time and often it would be great with gradients.

  1. yes I used couple of trick.
  2. yes with srf material you can do a lot… But you have to learn how to do it. An illustrator way it’s more wide and simpler to understand.
  3. if could be vector even better!

Hi Riccardo, you mean also on something like this, or no?

Thanks for your suggestions. Great drawing!
This is already been logged as a feature request. So I will add this to it.

Brian’s suggested a work around of creating a surface and texturing it, that works and it is good to know. However hatches should be simpler.

Rhino hatches a closed curve or set of curves that from a closed area. The hatch object currently offers solid and patterns. I believe it is here that you were like to get a gradient options.

Gradient hatches are raster not vector. (I don’t see how they can look good and still be vector.)
AutoCAD does it one way, Photoshop, Illustrator, Revit and other have their own.
Here is a article on the AutoCAD Gradient hatch if you are not sure what it does.
And a Video:
Here is an example of the gradient filled drawing. But there are lots other if you google “Gradient Hatch.”

Typically you have have, 9 different styles or patterns, one and two color options/transparency, orientation, centered and rotated .
Something like this would make me happier in Rhino. How about you? Send examples of how you would like this to work in Rhino?

Mary Fugier

Great feature,I would like it be vector too.

Yes and even better.

Hi Mary,
I think it’s good to discuss how to implement this feature now to have it, hopefully, in v6.

Maybe Brian suggestion could be smarter than I first supposed.

In fact using srf and material you can create a very complex gradient. The problem, as usual, it’s the interface.
Could be the “advanced hatches” tool be able to creating itself the srfs and texture in a very simple interface? This it’s the goal.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.
Gradient Hatch is on the list as a Rhino 6 feature request.
At some point in the beta of Rhino 6, you will get to test it and send back comments and suggestion.
So we will need to wait and see what gets “cooked up”. But this has all been capture and posted.

Kind regards,
Mary Ann Fugier


Thanks, Mary!
I’ve been meaning to comment on this one :smile::

Of course they are vector:
SVG implementation:

<linearGradient id="MyGradient">
    <stop offset="5%" stop-color="#F60" />
    <stop offset="95%" stop-color="#FF6" />

<rect fill="url(#MyGradient)" stroke="black" stroke-width="5" x="100" y="100" width="600" height="200"/>

Also see: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/pservers.html

PDF implementation:

and would be great if the vector gradient hatch can be export to AI.

I also would like to see the ability to have adjustable transparency on them and the ability to outline the hatches with colour choice just like in illustrator ( this will eliminate the need to go to illustrator to colour code a drawing). Hatches are constantly used on architectural drawings. Hatches with transparency are overlayed on drawings to represent shading that gives more depth to 2D drawings. To conclude, it will also be desirable feature to have the ability to add and remove vertices easily(microstation handles this in a very efficient manner).
just to finalise:)
Thank you for the continuous support to McNeel team.

+1 for transparent hatches, with all the extras!
I, too, would like to skip Illustrator for layouting, and that feature is pretty much the only reason I need AI.
Best regards

The problem is that when printing with vector selected, the gradient does not appear. One has to select raster, but then – as far as I understand it – lines are rastered as well. This is not what I want.

Use case here: Sending a drawing to a laser cutter. Lines for cutting need to be vectors.

Any workaround? Bitmap gradients?

That method would be a bitmap or raster gradient so it won’t help if you need the gradients to be vector. The feature wish on file is https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-5417 but it’s set to future so I can’t say when or if we can implement vector fills.

It looks like the plugin here could be useful too but I’m not sure if you ever got it running. I haven’t tried it myself.

No, I want the gradients to be raster but the (cut) lines to be vector.

Related: I can import a bitmap gradient using PictureFrame. However, as soon as I trim it, it doesn’t show up in the print dialog’s preview page anymore, unless I select raster printing.

I don’t know what file format would allow that mix of both raster and vector. Just thinking out loud here but what purpose do the raster gradients serve when laser cutting from the file?

I only see the pictureframe gradient whether trimmed or untrimmed when Raster is selected. I was printing to a PDF to test. I’m not sure what’s different on your end.