Gradient & Transparent Hatch new in Rhino 7 WIP

Make your illustrations, diagrams, and schematics more beautiful with gradient and transparent hatches. Now in Rhino 7 WIP for Windows and Mac:

Next Steps:

Feature Introduction:

  • Gradient is integrated: Hatch command can be accessed through the Hatch command and the Hatch object properties panel. Activate by checking in Enable Gradient Fill.
  • All Patterns Supported: Color gradients define how to apply color to a hatch. The pattern used to fill a hatch is independent. Solid hatches and and patterned hatch can have a color gradient applied. The image below shows a hatch with a square pattern and a color gradient applied.
  • Multiple Color Stops: All gradients need at least two colors (one defined at each endpoint). Rhino’s color gradients also allow for additional colors to be defined in between. The following image shows a gradient starting with green and ending with blue, but also having a red color defined in the middle.
  • Repeat Factor: Rhino’s color gradients provide support for “repeating” of the gradient multiple times between the start and end points. For example, a repeat factor of 3 means the gradient will be repeated three times. Repeating can be either “reflected” or “wrapped”. Reflected repeats make the gradient repeat in a mirrored back and forth style while wrapped repeated simply restart the gradient. The image below shows a reflected repeat on the left and a wrapped repeat on the right.
  • Transparent Colors: Use the vertical transparent slider to add transparency to any color in the fill.