V6 wish - 2D Linetypes i.e. batting


By 2D linetype I understand some repeatible 2D geometry arrayed along some line, polyline or curve - i.e insulation line (batting) found in Autocad. Of course it is possible in Rhino to easily draw or generate such geometry, however, the case is that architects and designers commonly exchange their draws between diverse CAD applications. In my opinion the most important attribute of geometries that Rhino omits while importing files from other CAD applications is 2D linetype feature. Furthermore, even the linetype name is imported as “continous”. As for me the issue is quite important and worth solving, I hope you agree.

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Hi Michal - thanks, I’ve added this to the list of things to look into for V6 and beyond.



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if You need that send me message. I add that to my site.

I don’t know if it helps, but currently we’re using Insulation hatch that looks like this:

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I would like to ask if the problem has been solved, but I have not found a solution in Rhino 7. Alternatively, I would like to comment if the problem could not be solved other than using Grasshoper. As Michal writes, when exporting from AutoCAD, the 2D line appears as 1D and loses its geometry, which is undesirable in case of for example a coordination situation (gas line, water line). Or for example a zig zag line option would be nice…
Thank you so much. This is really only problem which I have with Rhino in 2D.

no it has not been adressed. i dream about this to come with v8. only solution is to do it other cads do it. via .shx files (autocad, …).

Hey Michal,

I just searched for this online and I would have really liked to see this in the new Rhino 8. The fact that we are still hatching batting is excruciating, this could be a great addition to many different workflows as well, such as mapping out a complicated design following a curve and the revolving it or so forth. I wish we can raise enough awareness so that the Dev’s can really adopt this, what looks like a fairly simple addition.



10 years later… no progress. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I would also love to have this feature.