SUGGESTIONs - Multiline / Linetypes

Hello guys,
I wonder if

  1. there will be some possibillity to create a multiline in V6? I found it usefull in some cases.

  2. importing linetypes, which are based not only at dotted/dashed design, but also at shape along curve command (or something similar). I know there were some threads about this - batting line. Or, better solution, if there could be possibility to create these right inside rhino. (for people with zero scripting knowledge…) but not neccessary

I use Rhino every day and i found it as an essential tool. So maybe there are a few tools, which could help to stop jumping between more softwares.

What do you think? I dont know how much work these improvements takes…

Look forward to reply!
Best, Petr


How should these multilines look in 3D?

Hey David,
thanks for reply. I think multilines could be usefull in drafting tools, it means 2D drawing, projected to current CPlane. Maybe some script could solve this, but scripting is far away from my current skill. Also you need to set different types of these lines.

I would assume the offset distances would be done in screen space so the lines would always have the same general appearance

If these lines are used to show wall sections then no, they need to be in world-space.
As long as you can associate a specific plane with each curve, then it’s just a matter of building a curve display set, like we do already with dash patterns, but we don’t have any good UI for doing that.

So the conclusion is, there is no way right now, how to handle this multiline issue which could be included in Rhino interface…right?

I’d prefer them to look like dimensions and leaders look currently (planar, scalable etc.).
Possibly “behave” the same way too.


Has anyone come up with a way to do this? I 'm coming from vectorworks, and there is a basic tool that does this. You set the offset distance between the lines, and then just draw like a regular Polyline. I read that AutoCAD also has it, known as MLINE.

It’s strictly for 2D Drafting, and can even set it up to automatically have a Hatch, and one or both lines to be a heavier weight (set design drafting uses this to show which side of wall needs to be camera-ready.

Would LOVE if someone knows how to accomplish this…


Bump for a great feature I could use.


@stevebaer, is this something that ghgl will help achieve?

Yes, ghgl will be able achieve these effects and is what I personally use to prototype things like this. That said, ghgl only works with grasshopper geometry and would only work for raster output.

It would be nice to have it in Rhino natively, and for vector output as well!