V6 - Language pack deleted upon update?

Hard for me to duplicate (so I haven’t yet logged a bug in YouTrack) but somehow one of installed language packs (Polish) got deleted presumably upon recent Rhino 6 update (from 6.0 to 6.1?).

Moreover, now in Win 10 <Apps & features - Rhino 6 - Modify - Modify> no language is listed but there should be English at least:


Maybe other translators have observed it? Or @Helvetosaur?

CC @brian, @noemi

Hi @mikolaj can you please send me all the log files you have from your TEMP folder that start with Rhino_6*?

Doing so will let me see exactly what you’ve installed, in what order, and what settings were used to decide which languages needed to be installed or updated.

Hi @brian, where do I find this TEMP folder?

  1. Open My Computer
  2. In the Address bar, type
    then press Enter
  3. Sort by name, and find all the files starting with “Rhino_6”

I searched through this folder but there are no files starting with “Rhino” (in McNeel folder as well).

Strange. Do you run a program that automatically cleans up your temporary files?

Norton Security might be the culprit.

@brian, the same thing happened on another computer. Polish language pack got deleted upon upgrading to 6.1 RC.
In order to duplicate:

  1. install public build (6.0) with English and Polish language (or maybe any other)
  2. change update settings to SR Candidate
  3. wait until it downloads the 6.1 update; you can even keep it running in localized version
  4. close Rhino and let it update
  5. restart Rhino - Polish language is missing

I logged https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43859

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Hi @brian, I tested 6.1 src3 on 3 computers and for me both this problem is solved. Thanks!