V6 - English eliminated

This is interesting… Been working in V6 on and off today, no problem. My V7 WIP had expired, so I closed V6 and downloaded /installed the latest V7(English only) and installed it, opened it briefly to test. OK.

Then I launched V6 again from my desktop shortcut, and it opened… in German. Looked in Appearance>languages and there is no more English… Hmmmm.

Went into Control Panel>Programs and modified the install and re-checked English. That fixed it more or less instantaneously…

What’s also funny is that the V7 WIP installer offered me a choice of languages - only English was checked and I didn’t change anything - but in C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0 there is no “Localization” folder… :confused:

Hi Mitch, thanks, checking on this with the installer master.


There are a bunch of places, it appears, where Rhino 7 is incorrectly using or tromping on Rhino 6 settings. Plug-in registration is one of them. I hope to fix this soon…