V6: how to change the mouse arrow font size when pressing shift to move buttons?

I’m using Windows and Rhino6,
I need to move buttons by pressing Shift or edit them. But the font is to small for the 4K monitor. The font size looks like less than 6.

How to change the arrow font size when pressing shift to move buttons?

I’m searching inside Rhino Options > Advanced, but I can’t find the font size option.

Rhino has no such control.
The only thing I know of for this sort of thing are the Windows Ease of Access tools in Control Panel, but those settings are not specific to single applications.

Just write down or memorize that when you press SHIFT key over a button in Rhino that LEFT click will move the button and RIGHT click will edit it?

And CTRL key is LMB copy RMB is link

is that what you can’t see? The move / edit when you hold shift down?

So probably is my Window 10 that is creating a problem. If Rhino use a custom icon probably my interface is failing.

I remember asking this question a decade ago. lol. The problem is that sometimes I confuse edit with move and I finish deleting the icon.

It can be useful to create a custom arrow icon specific for 4k 8k resolution when we press shift.

I use a lot of software. Is hard to memo all of them. Still is what I do.

The problem is that there is not universal 3d or in this case 2D UI standard as there is in older vehicle industry. An ISO is missing.

Is hard to memo. And the text was helping. I wish not to reinstall Windows10.

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Hi @ajarindia ! What does it mean?

Here is the screenshot

I use lots of CAD software as well, so trust me i get it… i wish all CAD applications had lots of things standardized specifically mouse buttons… pan, zoom, rotate.

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We need to make a group in a neutral zone with different users and standards it for them.

@AlanMattano what I posted was related to mouse pick box size not related to your query so I removed it.

Here are some links to solve that problem:
Be the first one to join a discussion group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!pendingmsg/universal-3d-user-interaction-standard
I’m pushing for a unify ISO standard (optional).

@John_Brock Thank you for your reply.

I have this problem through several years and the Rhino version. It’s a Windows problem and custom arrow textures are often broken in Windows. But a Rhino UI solution can help (I often remove the buttons by mistake and is not so simple to put them back).

Is it possible to add to the footer the state information? (where it says: use of memory, CPU, etc). So that when we hover the mouse over the button icon and we hold down Ctrl-Shift, it shows up “MOVE ICON”, Shift EDITE or a similar solution.

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That’s a great idea!