V6 Goal: Make2d overhaul

Here is a dropbox link…


I see. It’s on the bug list here.

RH-38027 is fixed in the latest WIP

@Dan_F Followup question: should silhouette curves (when that option is selected) be grouped with visible and hidden curves, or those need to be left alone?

Would it be possible to have an option to create silhouette curves on their own source-related sub-layer? This would make it easy to adjust line weights for them without affecting all others.

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I would suggest the silhouette output curves have their own group. In other words, each object would have their group and the silhouette would have another group.

Silhouette is new to me so I don’t have a specific purpose for it yet. Might it be better to just join together the silhouette output?

RH-38027 is fixed again in the latest WIP

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Hi @GregArden

I am testing now Make2D within the latest WIP.
Got some bug: line is not shown where it should be. Please refer to the enclosure.Make2D_V6_Bug1.pdf (73.2 KB)

And another one: Make2D_V6_Bug2.pdf (243.2 KB)

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Can you post a .3dm file with the geometry that reproduces the problem.


Unfortunately not but can send by email.

@Already sent. Please check.

Thanks, Dmitriy
It on the bug list.

Hi @GregArden

another example enclosed:

This the same file sent to you earlier. Projection from the side/Y direction

@ geometry was not created in Rhino - imported

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Make2D struggling to draw properly in order certain elements in a “big” cad file using clipping planes: it draws things that are supposedly hidden by the clipping plane.

Please, could you give me an email/user link to submit screenshots and model.

You can upload it to tech support via the website:


Cheers, --Mitch

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I’m closing this post because it is too long and unmanageable. Please create a new topic for new Make2D comments.
Greg Arden