Rhino 6 SR2 Release Candidate Available - not available in my preferred language (english)

Dear @brian,

I had the pleasure to participate in the WIP, the Beta and now the (post-release) evaluation phase of Rhino 6.

Trying to download Rhino6 SR2 RC1, I follow the links on rhino3d.com.
Eventually I will be send a DL-link via email that points at the file “rhino_de-de_6.1.18037.13441.exe”

Thing is, I don’t use the german localization, never did in 15+ years of using Rhino, never will be and also ask my team mates (10 licences) to use english localization for the sake of knowledge transfer.

The website rhino3d.com doesn’t offer any choice of language in this process (there used to be a pull-down in former times). Instead it seems to guess my preference from, … I don’t know… IP adress… browser languages settings.

Even after changing the language of the website (rhino3d.com) to english, I get an email in english with the same (german) dl link :confused:
Currently, I cannot see a way to get the english installer. Maybe this is just me and I missed something.

Pls help me with this one and, more importantly, pls consider that your users might have language preferences that do not correlate with their geographic location.
I take the time to write this post, because this issue has been around like forever. And I would love to see a big fat pull-down, or any another smart way to give users a choice. :slight_smile:

Cheers from Berlin,

Ok, I see… I can switch to english in the german version under _Options, Darstellung (Appearance). This is new, right?
There is no need to dl an english installer.
Still, managing a team with individually managed PCs, I would love to keep the installation process clean (in that sense that team mates never get the chance to switch to german).
I would be great to have a chance to dl a english-only installer :slight_smile:

Hi @franks,

You’ve identified a wish that’s on our list for the download system.

In the mean time, you can always change any download link from rhino_de-de_* to rhino_en-us_* and get the english version.

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Hi @brian,

Thanks for taking my feedback and for your advice.
Actually I’ve tried to modify the link but stopped after “en-en” didn’t work. Need to work on my hacking-skills :wink:

Hi @FrankS,

here is my guide to install afterwards the language you need:



P.S.: If you install Rhino 6 from scratch, try this to get more languages:

Thank you, Michael!