Still with the V7 messing up V6 install?

Installed a new version of V7, and like before, it chucked out my language packages for V6, including English, leaving me in German. This should have been fixed ages ago…

Now, I run “Modify” to get my English back and when I press the “Install Now” button I get this:


So I press the Open button and I get this:



Finally I double-clicked on the rhino…exe in the first window above and it launched something, which wasn’t at all reassuring, because the message said something about “Uninstalling…” but in the end when it finished I launched Rhino and English was back (and French and German as before)…


Was reported earlier here:

@brian knows about it.

Yep, except I reported the same thing happening like months ago…

Yep, the bleeding edge is sometimes painful.