Snapshot crashes, memory use

Hi all

I’ve seen a few threads saying that snapshots were fixed in 6 v17, but even though I’m running v26, they continue to be essentially unusable.

I’m trying to animate between a few fairly simply positional snapshots, but very soon (within seconds) the file has filled up the spare 20/25gb on my hard drive, and crashes Rhino. Even trying to manually click between two different snapshot states is enough to crash the computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Snapshots is a great simple tool for presentations, but is currently completely unusable for me.

I wanted to upload the video I took, but it crashed hard enough to close down my screen capture software as well. Nice.

Rhino 6 version 26 has just been released.

Running it too, same issue.

Hi Nico - if you can send us the file, that would be best I guess -

Can you export the relevant objects to a new file, verify the problem still happens, and send us that, to If it only happens with the full file, send us that if you can - please include a link to this topic. If the file is very large, please SaveSmall, Zip and upload to to my attention.

Were the snapshots made in a recent (last service release) or are they from an earlier build? I ask because at some point Snapshots stopped recording all info and now just record the user requested info - old snapshots may still have the extra…


Hi Pascal, I have just emailed it to you.

I made the snapshots in v25. Do you think it may have to do with selecting ‘Select All’ when making the snapshots, thereby somehow bloating the file?

Thanks John, let me know if I need to do anything.