Out of system memory with snapshot

I created an animation with great effort using Rhino BETA snapshots. In about 24 hours of work, I ran out of system memory (3 times in all) with total computer lock. A forced exit from Rhino does not solve the problem, because trying to restart the Mac, a window tells me that Rhino is still open. The only solution is to turn off the Mac with the on / off button. I have 32GB of RAM installed

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experienced similar lock out using snapshots animation too, only solution was to switch off

@lars Is there any way to cancel these animations if they are running far too long or consuming too much memory?

@lars any news on this one? Did you make changes that would impact this?

@dan yes, the fix is in 6.17. Closing the slideshow by pressing the X (close) button on the slideshow controls is causing this.

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