Rhino Help behaviour

As a relative newbie I use “help” and, in particular the list of commands, regularly. Until recently, selecting help>Rhino help would take me to the Rhino help page; it now takes me to the new Rhino OSX guide (which is great thanks). However, I can’t seem to find the main Rhino help page anywhere through Rhino now; every help option (rhino help, command list etc) takes me straight to the OSX guide! I know I can simply set-up a Safari bookmark, but I personally find it often easier to click through Rhino. Can we have the direct link to the command list back please?

I often use the really handy context specific help in the right side bar, but I like to be able to access the full webpage as for something complex it’s easier to read. In safari I can also click through to associated topics “see also”, which in the right sidebar doesn’t appear to work.

I’ve used Rhino daily for the past year now and it’s come on massively in that time - I’m waiting to give you some money now :smile:

In the next WIP release, the Help > Command Help menu choice will display the on line help page.

The See Also links in the sidebar command context help pop up a new web window, and this cannot be done in the current implementation of help in the sidebar.

Cheers for the response @marlin