Rhino 8 - "Help" Toolbar Confusion

There are two distinctly separate “Help” tabs in the toolbar that have fairly similar icons. I thought for a long moment that there was no info about the newly integrated Section (Tools) and then realized I had to use the other Help panel to find it.

Maybe I’m the only one who got bumped by that, but wanted to share in case anyone else couldn’t find what they were looking for. Here are the two diff panels:

Maybe down the road, we can call it something else, and give it a different icon? Just a thought.



It was also this way in V7. The “Help topics” opens the online Help - the same as pressing F1 if you are running windows Rhino. The “Context help” is actually a Rhino panel - by default it’s also docked on the right side with Properties, etc. but it can also be dragged out independently or even closed. The context help will give you the help for the command you are in. I’m not sure if one or the other is more updated or has more info currently.

Thanks Mitch. Yeah, I think the way it was docked in RH8 may have made it “a thing” in my head.

FWIW, seems to me the Context Help is more up-to-date.