V5 Wish Polygonal Selection


I m surprised to see we don t have a polygonal selection available in RHino 5. Could this be implemented? I find it very useful



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It’s called “Lasso”

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Damn are you serious ?

Thanks ( quite embarassed )

Alex, see also, SelBrush & SelBoundary.


Still wish there was a ‘polygonal’ lasso selection, not just a freehand lasso. Max has this and it’s super useful. The freehand lasso is nice, but not when trying to do precise selections with elements close together. Also the SelBoundary is basically it, but then it’s a two or three step process when it could just be a simple one-step tool.

Hello - you can use Lasso as a polyline style selection by click-click-click rather than click and drag.



OMG thank you! I don’t know why I never thought to just try clicking… that’s awesome!