Lasso Selection



I’m not sure if it’s me, or it’s just not on the version yet… But, is it possible to do a lasso selection in Mac Rhino?


Rhino 5 for Mac WIP Build 5E140w

Lasso does appear to still be on the list of commands present in Windows but not yet in Mac… --Mitch


Thanks Mitch
I thought as much :sunglasses:
I’ll check there next time. (Although it’s a bit sad seeing everything we’re missing out on :sob: )
cheers Peter



come on guys… this is an important every day tool for many i believe,
this had to be implemented long ago, make it so pls

(Dan Belcher) #5

Indeed. This is on our list for Rhino 5 for Mac (MR-822).

(Dan Belcher) #6

Lasso is available in the latest RhinoWIP (5E140w). Please give it a try.