Sr14 05/05/14 change log...?

Ive just installed this update that downloaded automatically.
Where is the change log for this update? If I use the help file link - download an update - , it take me to a page where the change log is for some time in 2016…

You guys are really slack on this - if the update can download automatically, why not just append the change log to the download or something…?


It’s not released.

You have your local Options > Updates and statistics set to Service Release Candidate.
That’s why you got it.
We’re still working on it so there is no change log yet.

I suggest you change your update frequency back to Service Release.

That first SR candidate fixes the blank Layer panel problem under Windows 10 Creator’s Edition on high-resolution screens, but does not fix a couple other problems we’re currently working on.

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Thanks John - but the question still stands - why is there no change log on the release candidate?
I mean, Ive installed something here in good faith, but i have no clue what has changed…

Why is it so hard to do this? For my money, if you are going to release an update, whether candidate or not, why not tell us whats happened?
Yes, I know I can turn it off, but that’s not the point…


Because the development is in flux. We’re not going to spend any time temporarily updating logs for builds that users are not supposed to have yet. As we test what gets fixed, we find other issues. It’s just not worth the effort.

My wish was to not allow the local Service Release Candidate setting to be persistent. For good reasons, I was overruled. Most users, and I would assume you included, did not remember your setting was was set that way.
This is a downside to our very open and public development, you got something in an unintended way and it’s confusing. It has wasted your time and my time.

Please set you update frequency back to Service Release so you are not bothered until we think we have something ready for release.

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It’s premature, but I have updated the Wiki page that covers this issue.
When V5 SR14 is finalized and released, I’ll finish the Wiki page changes:

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