V5 dimension relative input fails

In V4 I can choose linear dimension, pcik the start point, then type r0,380 and the arrow tip goes 380mm upward. I then click and position it for extension lines etc.

In V5 it gives me various horizontal dimension, 5 mins trying to get a dimension 380 above first pick.

V4 worked a treat, R method gives it no choice but to go 380mm above first pick.

Not so V5.
The usual method of pick start then type 380 with ortho on use near or get dim vertical somehow, hit tab then click again and get dimension second arrow to appear and click to final position it also not working.

Dimensions in V5 are a nightmare compared to V4 :frowning:

and thats after using the tab and not near Snap sometime now.


Hi Steve, i´ve tried that in v5 and it seems to work as you described from v4. Have you tried that in a new file just for reference ?