[V5] Applyedgesoftening not working?

Hi McNeel and Group
I can’t seem to get Applyedgesoftening (AES) to work properly; or rather, it works, but only makes an “edgesoftening” of 0.1 (default value), no matter what I type in. Sometimes it’s even less than that. Am I the only one seeing this?
TIA, Jakob

If your mesh is very dense, you will not be able to get a large edge softening effect.

Hi Andy
Thanks for the quick feedback. As far as I can tell, it goes for every object on every mesh setting, but I’ll double check, just to be sure. Now it’s time to go home and enjoy the weekend! I’ll get back to you on Monday.
Have a nice weekend!
Regards, Jakob

We recently fixed a bug in this department - I can’t remember whether it was in SR5 or SR6.

Hi @andy
Thanks - just checked again, and now it works. I run the release candidates and I don’t think Rhino updated between Friday and now, but maybe it was just one of those “weird, temporary bug”-things. I’ll chime in, if it repeats itself and make sure to save the file.
Thanks for the help as always!
Regards, Jakob